Friday, 01 November 2019

Experience Gentlemen's Tea in New York City at The Lowell

The timeless experience of afternoon tea was first introduced in 1840 by Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, in her English household, as a refreshing treat in between lunch and dinner. Today’s afternoon tea has evolved to include themed menus, extravagant service and unique twists found all around the world. One such example is Gentlemen’s Tea, a popular take on afternoon tea in the UK, which has also recently landed in New York City as a part of The Lowell’s special tea offerings. 

Originally offered as a nod to the Gentlemen's Clubs for British upper-class men in the 1900s, Gentlemen’s Tea tea takes fine food and drinks and combines them with luxurious surroundings to create the perfect meeting place to conduct business or hold social gatherings for both men and women. The traditional sweets of fruit scones served with floral teas are replaced with savory and rich options like fish and chips, steak sandwiches and tailored cocktails. 

This fall, The Lowell will serve the Gentlemen’s Tea as their latest seasonal tea offer. To be enjoyed leisurely and thoughtfully, this is a unique spin on traditional tea service, taking a savory-based menu and adding a twist with specialty whiskey, port and sherry pairings to round out the bold taste of black teas by Dammann Frères. Guests begin their experience by first choosing their cup of tea from three carefully-curated flavors of Assam Doomni TGFOP, Vanille and Lapsang Souchong. The Assam Doomni TGOP, a Grand Cru tea with notes of malt and tobacco, is paired with Angel’s Envy Rye or Harvey’s Bristol Cream Sherry. The Vanille, a blend of Ceylon and China teas, pairs well with Angel’s Envy Bourbon or Sandeman Dry Sherry to compliment the flavors of vanilla cuts. The Lapsang Souchong is matched with Ardbeg Single Malt Scotch or Sandeman Vintage Tawny Port to bring out the smoky flavor.

Finally, savory treats and finger sandwiches are brought to the table. The finger sandwiches are a traditional English selection of Smoked Salmon & Caviar, Turkey & Arugula, Foie Gras with Fig Compote and Truffle, Old Bay Lobster Salad and Roast Beef with Horseradish Aioli. The famous Pembroke Room scones are transformed with the addition of scallions and an accompanying Cumberland Sauce, a fruit-based spread with flavors of orange, lemon and red currant. Fall flavors are incorporated into a variety of sweet offerings like Pumpkin Spice Éclairs, Seasonal Macarons, Carrot Cake, Pecan Tarts and Crunchy Chocolate Mousse.

New York City and patrons of the Pembroke Room have fallen in love with this tea, as coverage in The New York Times and Departures have celebrated its diverse and delicious offerings. Many guests have enjoyed a respite from the bustle of the city with this afternoon service and taken the chance to relax after a busy day of meetings, shopping or exploring the city. Offered only from October 2, 2019 - November 10, 2019, view the full Gentlemen's Tea menu here and stay up-to-date on upcoming seasonal tea offerings in the Pembroke Room by subscribing to our newsletter here.